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I thought I’d add my experience with a site called Sadly it’s a ripoff. I sent them over $300 for two orders and they were very responsive to my emails –until they picked up the money. I managed to smoke them out one more time with a complaint, which they said they would take care of. Since then, nothing. No goods, no emails , nothing.

Peter G.

Regarding I placed an order May 3rd. Failed to show. Repeated mails told me it was definitely en route but still…no show. Eventually they told me they were out of stock, so hadnt actually sent it at all. They just plain lied lied lied. They resent and it was immediately siezed by customs despite their much vaunted guaranteed methods. Promised to refund. Nothing. Now have had to begin claim monies back from VISA under their guarantee scheme.
the not at all reliable in my experience and I would not recommend anyone to use them as they cannot be trusted to do as they say. They will take your money…no guarantee of getting anything in return however!

Jonathan B.
Listing fake reviews copycat site. Even listing themselves as scammers.

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