It’s no secret, steroids are widely-used by a huge part of our society; in the U. S. alone more than 6 million adults supplement with anabolic steroids but usually shocking to many people is how many females on steroids make up a portion of this overall amount. It is true, males make up the largest part of the group, in-truth it’s not just a close comparison but there are several women on steroids also and several of these women using roids make amazing results.

Although there are many women on steroids to ensure most to have good results in-terms of both overall performance while keeping femininity certain factors must necessarily be realized. Anabolic steroids can cause significant virilization; this simply means the usage of roids may bring on masculine characteristics and other feminine related side-effects such as and not limited to:

Deepening of the voice, body hair and clitoral growth.

For the majority of women the key to success is keeping away from highly androgenic steroids like testosterone, trenbolone, methyltestosterone, anadrol, dianabol.. Most women prefer less androgenic more anabolic roids such as Anavar, Winstrol and Primobolan are often very ideal for the female athlete as they can be utilized safely and efficiently. Even so, this doesn’t mean the various ladies on steroids are not using other AAS; in-fact many women on steroids are using roids in a very similar manner as men. For instance, use of the male hormone testosterone can have serious outcomes; however, low doses of testosterone can be very beneficial in-terms of both performance and sex drive for women but most will always keep the dosage very low.

We recommend women who want to use steroids to exceed their natural potential to use mild steroids; Anavar, Primobolan and Winny for short periods no longer than 6-8 weeks. They should alwys keep the dosages low like 10-20 mg daily for anavar and 100-200 mg weekly injections of Primo depot. If virilization effects appears you should discontinue.

Most important is responsible use and that is personal education; like guys, females on steroids are advised to educate themselves on the subject as self-education will cause a larger more beneficial experience.

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