The Truth About Steroids: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

As a bodybuilder or an athlete, you are always looking to improve yourself. You want to be stronger. You want to be faster. You want to be bigger.

Diet and exercise can help to achieve these goals. But maybe you want fast results. Or maybe you need a boost to get the results you want.

Enter the infamous anabolic steroid.

Anabolic steroids are often given a bad reputation. Athletes from every sport have been condemned and banned for using them.

As an everyday person, you’ve probably come across all sorts of anabolic steroid myths.

If you’re looking to incorporate steroids into your routine, now is the time to be informed! Keep reading to learn about the truth about steroids.

The truth about steroids: dispelling the myths

Let’s discuss the top 10 myths that surround steroids.

1. Steroids cause shrinkage

If you’re a guy, you probably don’t want your manhood to decrease in size. Thankfully, steroid usage has no impact on the size of your penis.

This myth probably came from a misunderstanding of exogenous testosterone. While extra testosterone can shrink the size of your testicles, shrinking elsewhere just doesn’t happen!

In fact, having more testosterone in your body means more blood flow. More blood flow means a temporary size increase.

2. Steroids make women look manly

Many think that increased testosterone levels impact a woman’s physicality.

Steroids aren’t just for men! Many women avoid using steroids because of the myth that they will look manly.

Taking steroids won’t turn a woman into a burly bulky man. It is worth noting that women may experience side effects of steroid usage. Side effects include:

  • increased hair growth
  • deepened voice
  • clitoral enlargement

However, proper dosages can help minimize these side-effects.

If you’re a woman looking to use steroids, you can put this myth to bed!

3. Steroids are the magical solution

Using steroids doesn’t automatically mean muscle growth. If steroid usage was that beneficial, we’d all be using them!

Know that anabolic steroids aren’t wonder pills.

The whole purpose of steroids is to boost your results. But this doesn’t mean everything else goes out the window!

Steroid users still have to work out hard. They still have to follow a quality nutrition plan. Steroids require work to work.

Don’t use steroids as a way to slack off in the gym. Believing this myth will only reduce your progress.

4. Roid rage is real

Roid rage has been one of the most commonly heard myths.

However, the truth about steroids is that they don’t cause spells of rage. Nor do they cause uncontrollable fits of anger.

Steroid usage doesn’t turn someone into the Incredible Hulk.

It is worth noting that there is a link between testosterone and aggression. Higher levels of testosterone can cause higher levels of aggression.

This means that steroid usage may not be ideal for people with:

  • anger management issues
  • high levels of aggression
  • certain mental disorders

Know your personality and be aware of your mental health before starting steroid usage. Speaking to a professional may be best.

5. Steroids can cause hair loss

Taking steroids will not make your hair fall out. Steroids also do not cause male pattern baldness.

Your genetics determine whether or not you are prone to baldness. If you are predisposed to hair loss, steroids can accelerate the process.

Know your genetic history before taking steroids.

If hair-loss is a true worry, consider the current health of your hair.

Do you have bald spots? Is your hair thinning? If so, it may be best to not use steroids.

6. Steroids cause depression

This is one myth that just won’t go away! The truth about steroids is that while they can impact mood, they do not cause depression.

Using steroids means heightened testosterone levels. Studies have shown that higher levels of testosterone doesn’t cause depression.

In fact, increased testosterone offers all sorts of benefits, including:

  • reduced stress
  • improved sex drive
  • increased verbal memory and thinking ability
  • increased heart health
  • improved overall mood

7. Steroids cause liver damage

Anabolic steroids can be taken orally or through an injection. While both forms work, injectable form is much safer.

Taking steroid pills means that the pills pass through the liver. While this may cause heightened toxicity levels, the probability is quite low.

To avoid the risk of liver damage altogether, stick to using injectable steroids.

8. Steroids make men grow breasts

Just like baldness, steroids do not directly cause a man to grow breasts. It is important to know your genetic predisposition to estrogenic side effects.

Have you suffered from gynecomastia in the past? Does the condition run in your family?

If so, steroids may increase the risk of developing female breast tissue. However, there are preventative measures that can be taken.

Nolvadex and Arimidex are two compounds that decrease estrogen levels in the body. By taking one of these compounds, the risk of developing breasts is reduced.

Before taking any compound, be sure to speak to an endocrinologist.

9. Stunted growth

Myths say that taking anabolic steroids too early in life can stunt growth.

This myth may come from studies that have found that certain steroids, such as those to treat asthma, may cause stunted growth. There is no data linking anabolic steroids to stunted growth.

It is a well-known fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger took steroids during his early years. He has grown just fine!

10. Steroid usage effects last forever

The benefits of steroids only last as long as you work them! To maintain your muscle mass, consistent diet and exercise is a must.

Many think that using steroids is a quick and long-lasting fix. Steroids are only as useful as the person using them.

If you’re looking to use steroids as a quick fix, prefer for a letdown!

Instead, prepare yourself to use steroids as a way to boost your results.

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