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Steroids for beginners

Steroids can be awfully tempting to many people. We live in a society today where we judge people based on their looks and for guys, this means being ripped. Often we think about doing steroids because we want to look good for others, not necessarily because we want to look good for ourselves.

Steroids for a beginner can be quite scary. So many message boards and websites telling you what to do and how much to do it can be overwhelming. Advice from friends and gym buddies can often lead to poor decisions. People often look at others who are on steroids and say to themselves, I want to look like him so I’ll take what he takes. This is a poor way of going about using steroids.

steroid usage for beginners

If you are a beginner and considering using steroids, ask yourself two questions first. One, why do I want to use steroids and two, have I educated myself enough prior to doing them. When you can answer these two questions then you will know if you truly want to go down this path.

I strongly encourage guys who are in their teens and 20s not use steroids. Go natural for as long as you can, see what your body can become without the use of drugs. If you start steroids prior to maxing out what you are capable of naturally, you will not get the most out of steroids. Truly think about if this is a path you want to go down. Once the steroid user, always a steroid user.

My next article will be about if you do decide to go down that path what you can expect not just physically but mentally as well. The mental tolls of steroid use are often not spoken of and can be some of the hardest side effects of steroid usage.

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  1. shoaib

    iam 21 years i want to use a stroid i can use or i should wait for a 2 to 3 years more

    Posted on August 1, 2018
    • admin

      Hello Shoaib,
      Yes you can use Steroids when you are above 21 years old and you will benefit alot from it.
      Start with a mild cycle, there are beginner cycles safe for you.

      Posted on August 6, 2018

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