steroid cycles

Steroid Cycles

A steroid cycle means the consistency or timetable of a person’s steroid use. Various anabolic steroids range in half-life, and therefore people commonly use each steroid at different time intervals. Many people also take numerous types of steroids at the same time, called “stacking”.

Anabolic steroid cycles are employed for following reasons:

  •  To enhance muscle size and strength.
  •  To enhance a leaner and ripped physique.
  •  To enhance athletic performance.

There is no best steroid cycle there are many factors affecting the results can be gained like; how many cycles you did, weight, metabolism etc.. You should able to design your own stacks after few simple cycles. Listen to your body, people can react differently to same substances.

What is PCT?

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is a must right after steroid cycles, it does HypothalamusPituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA) back into making its own endogenous testosterone production. After you come off an anabolic steroid cycle, the exogenous testosterone is declining down and after a few weeks, you have reduced levels of testosterone as the endogenous production is in fact halted.

You need to inject HCG (Pregnyl) 200-300 IU every 3 days in last 4-5 weeks of your cycle also take any of Arimidex(adex), Letrozole(letro,femara), Nolvadex(tamoxifen) or Proviron(mesterolone) through the cycle beginning from usually week 3. And for pct, Nolvadex or Clomid is recommended. Usually, 3 weeks for pct is enough. Start pct for long-acting injectable steroids 2 weeks after your lost shot and for tablets wait for few days.

Beginner Steroid Cycles

Novice bodybuilders and athletes who’ve never experimented with steroids before and have no clue how to start must keep one thing in mind – keep it as simple as possible. Never start off with complicated steroid stacks. It’s always best to seek out advice from an experienced user as anabolic steroids are very potent and some of their side effects are permanent. There’s no way for a newbie to know how his/her body is going to respond to a steroid cycle. Also, keep the dosage as low as possible – just enough to see obvious benefits. You may wish to start off with hormones which are currently familiar with your body and so primary male hormone testosterone is the best choice.

Always begin with small dosages and basic stacks. This leads to less dilemma and very little unwanted side effects. Furthermore, with simple steroid stacks, it will be easy to figure out causes of problems easily. In truth, for beginners, small dosages are sufficient to see significant results. You can start only with testo and move onto stacking it with Dianabol and Winstrol. It always helps to supply exogenous testosterone to the body when utilizing suppressive anabolic steroids. For an example a beginner can begin with injectable Testosterone 250 mg each week for 8-10 weeks, then for the upcoming cycle, you can throw some Dianabol 20-30 mg daily in the first 6 weeks.

For beginners, steroid cycle 400 mg Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate weekly is the up limit. You should always use oral steroids like Dianabol or Anadrol no more than 6-7 weeks and daily dosage of 20mg-30mg, as they are really harsh on the liver and kidneys.

A classic good beginner steroid cycle is Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate 250mg weekly for 8 weeks and Dianabol 30mg daily through weeks 1-6. Take Nolvadex 10mg daily at weeks 2,3,5,7 and Clomid 50mg daily at weeks 11,12.

Or just an oral beginner steroid cycle as below:

week of
10mg tab
10mg tab
50mg tab
1 3 tabs/day
2 3 tabs/day
3 4 tabs/day 1 tabs/day
4 4 tabs/day
5 4 tabs/day 1 tabs/day
6 3 tabs/day 1 tabs/day
7 1 tab/day
8 1 tab/day

Advanced Steroid Cycles

After having a few simple cycles with good success and not many side effects, you can go forward to advanced steroid cycles for improved results. Females should be cautious about moving forward to advanced cycles as steroids can impact ladies very diversely and with more severity. Females really should stick to simple, basic cycles. Women should use mild stuff like Primobolan Depot and Anavar. Most guys are completely pleased with using basic cycles with testosterone only however, many want greater results. This is when extra preparations can be stacked and dosages can be increased.

Steroid cycles are often broken down into bulking and cutting periods. The steroid stacks change for these phases and you need to make sure you stack steroids based on how they match each other. There are several popular bulking and cutting cycles followed by most users and certain widely favored steroid stacks. It’s always best to stick to these.

There is no need for mega-doses, for example, 1 gr Test Enanthate weekly is enough how experienced you are. If you can’t make progress over that dose then it is time to give some long break. Your body get used to gear so you will just stress your body and damage your organs.

Steroid Cycle Length

There isn’t a fixed length for anabolic steroid use and cycle length differs with the individual users, the dosages and the stacks being used. Nevertheless, most agree that a steroid cycle under 8 weeks will not be efficient as the body requires time to adapt and it takes time for results to show up. It’s best to start with 8-week steroid cycles and then increase the time frame based on the results. Steroid cycles should last beyond 16 weeks as, after that point, added steroids won’t cause any progress and could lead to side effects. You should wait at least 12 weeks before starting a new cycle, longer better.

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  1. William

    I want to use dianabol to put on some mass. can you advise me a good dbol cycle, should i stack dianabol with any other steroids?

    Posted on July 11, 2014
    • admin

      If you are over 21 recommended dosage for dianabol is 30-40 mg daily for 6 weeks. You can stack dbol with winstrol tabs 20-30 mg daily. Also take nolvadex 10 mg daiy through your cycle (weeks 3,5,6) and Clomid 50 mg daily at weeks (7,8)

      Posted on July 13, 2014
      • Rafael Lazaro

        Hi greetings. Thank you for your website & for providing vital information to everyone. I want to try a cycle of steroids for the first time ever, I´m a 48 year old male & also a friend of mine is considering, he’s about 40 or so. Would the above recommendation be a good start for us? Dianabol tabs 30-40 mg daily for 6 weeks stacked with Winstrol tabs 20-30 mg daily with Nolvadex 10 mg daily on weeks 3,5,6 & Clomid 50 mg daily on weeks 7,8.
        I would like to go with 8 weeks & from the info above its best to stop & wait at least 12 weeks before starting a new cycle. Would a liver & kidney cleanse supplement be good to take during or after the cycle? If I was to replace Winstrol with Testosterone Cypionate how many mg of tabs to take & should it be also from week 1-8? Thanks so much for your help.

        Posted on January 16, 2018
        • admin

          Milk Thistle – Liver Protection supplements is a MUST through this cycle as it consists of many orals. Drink lots of water and take Cod Liver Oil to support the kidney.
          Always start a cycle with lower dosages and slightly reach max. levels. If you feel bad decrease the dosage or quit.
          Must not be taken when high blood pressure, a severe hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, irregular heart rhythm, or a recent myocardiac infarction are present.

          As for the TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE then you can do 500mg per week for minimum 8 weeks. Week 1 to 8 is fine.

          Posted on January 20, 2018
  2. Caleb

    Can someone recommend a good connect for a 10 wk. Cycle

    Posted on September 17, 2014
  3. ajay kumar

    hi I am ajay I am 30 year old & I am regular going gym and I will make my body good then suggest me the steroid name .quantity complete detail help me please…..

    Posted on October 3, 2014
  4. tc

    needing gear plenty of experience. maybe i cld be sent in the right direction. lost my guy. im not or do i condone in law enforcement activity. im a good guy. semi pro football and 5 kids. just looking for a push in the rigth direction. it only makes sense to find a good sigth and get my own.

    Posted on October 6, 2014
  5. Chris

    Hi I live in Toronto Canada and I’m looking for a good place to be able to get a good begginers cycle that is not fake and that will make it to me here. I’m anxoiuse to get testosterone ethante and dianabol I was told that would get me ripped ireallyjust want to start witha10 week cycle of testosterone can u help me please thanks. Chris

    Posted on February 19, 2015
  6. Rohit

    M begginer to n body building ! I went to mumbai amd met a bodybuiler he suggest me to take wekly teasta+ nandrobolin (monday)_;nd n same week tren a 100+ cutrex 150. Nd on same day v jet100 thursday m scaring to inject this stufff and its heavy too I thought !!!plsss sugest me admin

    Posted on May 6, 2015

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