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The 2017 Mr. Olympia is quickly approaching and all eyes are on 2 men. Phil “The Gift” Heath and the possible return of Kai Greene. Going for title number 7, Phil’s legacy is up for serious debate. Some are already calling him the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) but I have some serious hesitation putting that label on him just yet.

There is no question his 6 Sandow trophies are extremely impressive, only, Arnold (7), Lee Haney (8) and Ronnie Coleman (8) have more. His first title came in 2011, beating out legend Jay Cutler and on his way to 6 consecutive victories.

The issue I have with Phil and his legacy is that his last 2 victories have been cake walks with no real stiff competition in the field. Guys like Big Ramy, Shawn Rhoden are amazing bodybuilders but just not in the same class as Phil. Cedric McMillan disappeared last year and Dexter Jackson is just past his prime.

There is one man however that has always pushed Phil and that’s Kai Greene. Kai has not competed in the last 2 Mr. Olympias and no one is sure if he will ever get on stage again. In my opinion, he is the only IFBB pro that can dethrone the current 6x champ.

This leads me to the greatness of Phil or lack there of. Because he has no big rival, are his wins somewhat muted. We recall the battles between Arnold and Lou, Jay, and Ronnie, legendary battles on stage which created so much buzz around the sport. Three years ago when Kai did compete (placed 2nd to Phil) the battle those two had was epic! The animosity towards one another, the genuine dislike was palpable.

Is this what Phil needs to be considered the GOAT? Someone to stand toe to toe with him, someone to push him? Will his legacy be one where people say he won against a very weak field or does it really matter if you’re holding onto possibly 10 Sandows? Does his arrogant demeanor affect his legacy? If Kai decides to get back onto that Olympia stage and beats Phil, is his legacy hurt. Many questions to be answered.

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Aaron Kushner
40 years old Certified NASM trainer. Married to my best friend Training for 7 years 6'1, 207 lbs

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