Muscle Gaining Secrets: The Best Protein Sources for Muscle Growth

Nutrition is an important element in the muscle gaining process.

If you are lifting heavy but you are not seeing great results, maybe your diet is to blame. Your body needs nutrients from food to build muscle.

When it comes to macronutrients, protein is your best friend. The secrets of muscle gaining lie in healthy nutrition and heavy lifting.

Although most consider protein to be the most important nutrient when it comes to building muscle, you shouldn’t neglect carbohydrates either.

The body relies on carbohydrates to provide the fuel necessary for energy. Additionally, your brain is a carb-lover, too.

When taking supplements like whey protein, or when you eat high protein foods, make sure it doesn’t exceed 30 grams of protein.

If you eat more than 30 grams of protein for the meal, not only will you not absorb the excess, but you also put a strain on your kidneys. That said, let’s move on to our list of the best muscle gaining foods.

Egg Whites-One of the muscle building secrets of bodybuilders

In the bodybuilding world, this is well-known fact: egg whites help you gain muscle.

Egg whites have so much protein and so little fat ( a ratio of 60:1) that it makes it one of the best meal choices after a workout.

Your body will absorb a large percentage of the protein found in egg whites, unlike many other protein sources.

There is only one downside to it. If you eat too many egg whites, you are putting yourself at risk of biotin deficiency.

Chicken Or Turkey Meat

If you hate fat, you can opt for the skinless version. Chicken and Turkey meat are two of the best sources of high-absorption protein. They are also low in saturated fats.

Fish and Seafood

Fish is filled with healthy fats, including Omega-3. It is a big protein source as well.
The Omega-3 is going to help your joints recover after hard workouts. Seafood has large amounts of protein too.

Plus, it is packed with many minerals, such as calcium and zinc.

Beans and Legumes-The secret arsenal of vegetarians

Even though it is harder to build muscle while ignoring most protein sources (eggs, fish, meat, cheese), some people manage to pull it off.
They eat beans and legumes. Beans are a delicious treat, filled with protein and fiber.

They help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
When you maintain a healthy insulin response, you not only stay away from diabetes, but you also help your body absorb nutrients more effectively.

One of the most popular choices is kidney beans since they have around 15 grams of protein per cup.

Red Meat

Lean red meat is a cocktail of minerals and B vitamins. High in protein, they make an excellent choice for your mass growth menu.

Even though they have some unhealthy fats and are quite high in calories, they still make a good choice for your muscle grown efforts.

Red meat works best when incorporated into a menu with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Complex Carbohydrates

As I mentioned previously, you need carbs too. Make sure you aren’t consuming empty carbs (sweets, white flour, white rice).

Instead, opt for foods with a slow release of carbohydrates. Complex carbs are a perfect pre-workout meal.

When you workout, the glycogen in your muscle is the main source of fuel and energy. While you train hard, your glycogen levels decrease.

When your body is low on glycogen, it looks for other sources of energy.

The second source of energy your body has is your muscles.

Basically, if you train hard and you don’t get enough carbohydrates, your muscles will become your source of fuel. Instead of building muscles, you are using them for fuel.
This is one of the muscle gaining secrets that few know about, especially when so many are trying to build muscle when on a ketogenic diet.

Experts recommend Ketogenic diets for those who want to lose weight.
When the body doesn’t have enough glucose, it turns to fat for fuel. This leads to accelerated weight loss. But do it too much and your body starts feeding itself on muscle too.

You should not use these types of low carb diets if you are working out. Workouts eat up your glucose storages a lot more than lounging on the couch does.

Many, in the search for a quick fix, eat a lot of protein bars and lean meat, but they forget about the importance of carbs in their diet.

Protein Shakes-Whey Protein

If you are cutting, or you are shorter and your TDE is smaller, there are only so many protein-rich foods you can add to your diet without getting fatter.

A low calorie yet high protein solution is whey protein, even though it is not one of muscle gaining secrets since everybody knows about it.

The popularity of whey protein is no surprise. It contains at least 20 grams of protein per scoop, and it comes in many flavors.

Some take the unflavoured type and just mix it with fruits shakes. You can find whey protein in almost in any grocery store.
Whey protein shakes can work for meal replacement too—when you are in hurry. It gives you all the protein you need. Just don’t abuse it.
Although why protein is an amazing source of protein, it can’t replace every meal. It doesn’t have the nutrients that “real food” has.
Make sure you don’t take more protein than you need. This can lead to kidney stones, no matter how much water you drink.
If you are looking to build muscle, one of the muscle gaining secrets that some nutritionists forget to mention is to add 1 gram of protein to each pound of your weight.

If you weigh, for example, 200 pounds, to gain significant muscle you would have to eat 200 grams of protein daily.

The Biggest Muscle Gaining Secrets Are Now Yours Too

Actually, most of the tips above are well known by many successful boy builders. The problem arrives when myths slip in.
Myths such as this: no matter what you eat, if you lift heavy you will build muscle.

Many of these myths spread through marketers who are trying to sell supplements. Unfortunately, there is no pill that replaces a healthy diet.

If you want to find out more about how you can maximize your muscle growth and how to stay away from scammers who sell fake steroids, take a look at our blog.

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