Muscle Building Steroids: Pros and Cons, Explained by Users

Anabolic steroids are used by millions of people around the world to enhance muscle building. Bodybuilders, athletes, and everyday people rely on steroids to let them push the bounds of their body’s natural capabilities.

The average person looks at this advantage as bad, unfair, and dangerous. It’s an expected position, considering most people’s only knowledge of steroids comes from professional athletes.

It’s true that steroids are dangerous to the human body if used incorrectly, but they’re also largely harmless with correct use.

However, users should understand that steroids supplement the body’s natural hormone levels. This in itself is safe, but can have unintended “side effects,” or natural changes to your body.

Bodily changes don’t mean you’re using steroids incorrectly, rather that your body is experiencing changes due to hormonal fluctuations.

Some steroid users might find their body changes not worth the added muscle building capacity. This is why it’s important to understand the potential benefits and drawbacks to steroids before trying them.

We’re here to break down the pros and cons of responsible steroid use, as explained to us by real people who take muscle building steroids.

Muscle Building Steroids Pro: Increased Strength

The highest ranking pro answer we always receive is increased strength. It’s not surprising, as this is exactly what steroids are designed to do.

Steroid users can expect their weight lifting gains to increase exponentially after several weeks. Both anecdotal and scientific evidence prove that steroid use has a direct positive influence on a human’s ability to lift heavier objects.

A study published in the Oxford Journals reviewed previous scientific steroid literature and found that steroid use does, in fact, increase muscle area and mass, due largely to “increases in protein synthesis, and muscle fiber hypertrophy attributable to an increased number of satellite cells and myonuclei per unit area.”

We’ve always experienced this scientific conclusion to hold true, as ourselves and other users have experienced rapid lifting gains after starting a steroid routine.

Muscle Building Steroids Con: Mood Changes

Steroid use increases testosterone levels in the body and can lead to mood changes. This is something we hear from steroid users frequently. Changing the hormonal levels within your body will have an effect on your mood. Irritability, aggression, and mood swings are all linked to steroid use.

Luckily, mood is something controllable and non-life threatening. Users can manage feelings of irritability or aggression in the same way that they would manage any other feelings. Deep breaths, stress balls, and ironically exercise can all help to focus aggression and provide it with a positive outlet.

These mood changes usually occur during a cycle-on (the period where steroid use is initiated), as hormone changes are most intense during the loading phase (taking large doses of steroids initially).

Pro: Increased Confidence

Not all steroid users build muscle for the gym, some are focused on physique as well. Steroid use in these cases is aimed at meeting certain body image standards.

For good or bad, the media decides what is considered attractive in modern society. For the time being, they’ve chosen muscles and fitness as the defining characteristics of beauty for both sexes.

Steroid users often feel that their choice to user performance enhancers results in increased happiness due to meeting the media’s defined standards of attractiveness. Satisfaction with their bodies causes steroid takers to experience a boost in confidence.

People on steroids feel stronger, faster, better looking, and ready to conqueror the world. Increases in testosterone are likely the cause of the massive confidence boost.

It’s also worth noting that research has found people perceived as attractive are happier and afforded better opportunities in life. Steroid users who are now looked upon as attractive in society receive a confidence boost from the fact others treat them differently.

Con: Hair Loss

Hair loss is largely determined by a gene located on the X-chromosome but is also influenced by other factors. We consistently hear from users that steroids are one of those factors.

Hair loss seems a common trend in the steroid community and a risk that’s largely unavoidable. Users with baldness in their family report hair loss is an inevitable side effect. Those without the baldness gene still report increased susceptibility to hair loss.

This happens because steroids facilitate the production of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, that causes hair follicles to weaken and shrink substantially. Weakened follicles can only produce fine hair, and often no hair at all. The result is a slow loss of hair due to damaged follicles that will not ever recover.

Pro: Faster Healing Times

Faster healing times due to steroids is something that receives much scrutiny. Athletes seem to swear by them, but science says the verdict is out.

New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte claimed recovering from an elbow injury was the reason for his steroid use. Likewise, many European soccer players also have admitted to using steroids in an attempt to speed recovery times for serious injuries.

Due to a lack of human studies, most steroid research comes from animal testing. One study conducted on rats found that performance enhancing drugs aided in short-term muscle recovery, but actually hindered healing speed in the long run.

Our anecdotal experience tells us that steroids do indeed speed healing times. Users have reported stacking (mixing steroids) certain steroids to great effect when recovering from an injury.

Con: Legality

The legality of steroids is a hotly debated topic. Some argue that steroids are too dangerous to human health, while others state personal freedom and proper research as reasons why performance enhancers should be legalized.

Regardless of the debate, steroids are still a controlled substance. Getting caught with them means a fine, possible jail time, and a record. It’s something every potential steroid users needs to accept before dabbling in performance enhancers.

Steroids are an often misunderstood substance. The negative connotations they receive from the general public are largely underserved.

Those informed on steroid’s pros and cons can safely use muscle building steroids to enhance their appearance, strength, confidence, and more.

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