How To Select The Best Bodybuilding Diet

One of the keys to transforming your body is practicing a diet that works for you. What you eat influences how you look and feel.

Have you tried a bodybuilding diet in the past with little success? Are you ready to get yourself in gear and get the body you’ve always wanted?

With the right diet, you will be on the right path to improving your physical appearance.

Choosing a bodybuilding diet is easier said than done. If you’ve ever researched a diet, you probably came across dozens of hits. So how do you know which diet is best for your goals? Picking the right diet can be tough. Don’t blindly choose a diet that may not be ideal for you.

Instead, read on for tips for selecting the best bodybuilding diet for you.

There is no magic diet

Every diet you’ve ever seen advertised promises quick results. Fad diets promote unrealistic expectations.

The fact is that all of these diets is that they are not personally tailored to your needs.

The first thing to remember about bodybuilding and nutrition is that every body is different. What works for one person may not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all diet.

The success of a diet depends on several factors, including:

  • activity level
  • body type
  • overall goals
  • genetics
  • health history

Go into the world of bodybuilding knowing that your program needs to be personalized for you.

Now let’s talk about what a diet is and isn’t.

Erase your idea of what a bodybuiliding diet really is

The word diet has taken on a negative connotation. Many have the false idea that a diet is only important for weight-loss.

This couldn’t be less true!

A diet has nothing to do with restricted eating for weight loss. A diet is simply what you eat. To reach your bodybuilding goals, remove the negativity that surrounds the word diet. Going into a lifestyle change with the idea that you have to stop eating certain foods causes stress. Stress and a healthy lifestyle don’t go hand-in-hand.

In fact, stress is known to cause emotional and even binge eating. If you’ve “dieted” before, you probably have first-hand experience with this!

To be successful on your bodybuilding diet, think simple. Your diet is what you eat. Nothing more, nothing less.

Become your own nutritionist

Making your way through the vast world that is dieting plans can be overwhelming. From low-carb to vegan to paleo, there is all sorts of information to learn.

Along the journey, you’re likely to come across extreme “fad” diets, such as the tomato soup or grapefruit diet. Avoid and ignore those!

What makes a diet a good diet

While there are tons of nutrition plans out there, they are all quite similar.

Quality nutrition plans all promote:

1. Eating a diet that is full of whole foods.

Whole foods are nutrient dense. A quality diet will hone in on the importance of eating non-processed foods.

2. Healthy food intake levels

The higher quality foods you eat, the more satisfied your body will be. Diets often promote eating foods high in fiber. Fiber is known to help control satiety levels.

3. Eating quality foods

Your diet should consist of mostly quality foods. However, a maintainable diet will also allow you to eat foods that may not be the best for you. Allowing moderate consumption of junk food is much better than complete removal.

Understand what works for you

Remember, there is no wrong or right diet. There is also no diet that will work for every single person.

If you have tried a bodybuilding diet in the past, what worked? What didn’t?

Knowing what works for you will allow you to be successful this go around. When creating your diet, consider factors such as:

  • meal frequency
  • what foods you like to eat
  • what foods you don’t like to eat
  • your macronutrient ratios
  • your bodybuilding goals

Following a diet that works for you is key for success. Don’t force into a diet that you know won’t last.

Be willing to make adjustments

Like most things in life, your diet won’t be perfect during the first go. With this in mind, be prepared to assess and make adjustments.

After dieting for a few weeks, take an assessment. How do you feel? Do you see any physical changes? Keep a journal, and take pictures of your progress. This will help keep you accountable!

Ensure proper vitamin intake

Even after incorporating a diet that is full of whole foods, you may still lack vitamins and nutrients.

It is very common to be deficient in certain vitamins. But how do you know if you’re deficient in a nutrient? The first step is to track your nutrient profile. Log your food into a food journal. After logging, determine your macronutrient intakes.

If you are deficient in a specific nutrient, do some research! A quick search will yield a list of foods that offer high quantities of certain nutrients.

Eating the right foods to ensure you are meeting micronutrient needs is critical. Lacking certain nutrients may leave you feeling tired and restless. It’s important to be at your best every day!

Listen to your body

After incorporating your new diet, how do you feel? Are you progressing in your training? Do you feel as if your body is reacting positively to the changes?

Listening to your body is key. A proper diet is the fuel you need to be successful in bodybuilding.

If you feel tired or feel like you are not healing as quickly, make a change! Consider eating more protein or carbohydrates throughout the day. Both are known to promote quicker healing and rejuvenation.

Being flexible with your bodybuilding diet is important. Don’t hesitate to make changes, especially if your body is asking for them!

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