How To Prepare For Your First Bodybuilding Competition

You’ve got a physique that you want to show off to the world. You’ve watched bodybuilding shows on the television and online, taking notes and stacking yourself up to the competition.

Now you’ve decided that you want to be the one on the stage. You’re going to enter your very first bodybuilding competition.

It’s a big step that can be fun and rewarding. Your first show, however, will also be filled with nerves and questions. Luckily, we are here to help you prepare for your first competition!

First Things First. Network!

There’s a good chance that you already know some people that have done a bodybuilding competition before. Reach out to them, tell them your plans, and ask them for any advice they are willing to offer.

There is a big difference between sitting on your couch and watching a bodybuilding competition and being an active participant in one. If you go into your first show knowing what the judges typically look for and how they are run, that’s a big advantage.

There are also some “unwritten rules” that you might not know. Showing up to your first show and following these rules will show a level of professionalism that will impress your fellow competitors and lead to more contacts.

Keep Track of Your MacroNutrients

Dieting before you first competition is important. You don’t want to sign up for the show and then show up with flab on your body. Different people prefer to eat different things for different reasons.

It’s not necessarily what you eat that matters, however. It’s how they fit in with your macronutrients. The macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Each of these is assigned a caloric value.

Carbs and proteins are 4 calories and fats are 9. You will have to decide how many calories you plan on eating each day and then keep track.

There are coaches you can hire before a competition to help you come up with your peak number, but you should have a pretty good idea of what works for you by now.

An Important Note On Dieting

Bodybuilding is something that millions of people take very seriously. While outsiders see it as a parade of muscle and ego, you know what it really is. It is a celebration of hard work and joy.

That joy should never be compromised by going into a bodybuilding competition. Builders are often extremely driven individuals that are results oriented. Sometimes, that drive can cause them to push too far.

Dieting is meant to enhance your body, not take away from it. Just like any other athlete, you have to be careful about your relationship with food. There have been deaths because bodybuilders sacrificed their own health for gains.

If you find that your relationship with food becomes unhealthy, turn to your friends and loved ones and get help, please. There isn’t a trophy in the world worth dying over.

Choose Your Organization and Bodybuilding Competition

Evaluate where you are and your beliefs in regards to bodybuilding. Do you believe that natural is the way to go, or are you okay with enhancements? There is no right or wrong answer: it’s up to each bodybuilder to decide.

Find the organization that matches your beliefs as closely as possible. From there you can pick a show to enter. Your best bet is to enter as many shows as possible. You’ve put in a lot of hard work and should get the most out of it!

Decide if you want your loved ones there to cheer you on. If so, get at least one local bodybuilding competition. For some people, having those people there make them more nervous.

If it does make you more nervous and you aren’t able to compete at your high standards with them there, make sure you sit them down and honestly tell them! Don’t let them wonder why they weren’t invited. They will thank you for this.

Pose Like A Boss

Almost all of the organizations have their posing call offs that they will use during the bodybuilding competition. Study these poses. Use videos online to watch how the best bodybuilders utilize their entire body during these poses.

Once you’ve done this, get in front of a full body mirror and pose away. Have your friends and family members act as “judges”. Get used to being looked at.

Practice as much as you can!

No matter how good all of your poses are, the judges will quickly lose interest if they call out a pose and you don’t know because of a lack of studying or nerves due to being in your first bodybuilding competition.

Most Importantly, Maintain Your Joy

You’ve seen it happen to people both in competitive lifestyles and the regular 9-5 work environments. They get so wrapped up in their work or their competitions that they neglect the people they care about the most.

They alienate themselves and become obsessed, leaving no time for anything other than training. Healthy relationships go out the window, and they become disgruntled. These people eventually burn out.

Don’t be that person. Maintain priorities and meet the expectations that your loved ones have for you. If you aren’t experiencing joy from the process, then why are you doing it?

Also, remember that you can’t win every competition. You can’t even place in the top five in all of them. When you get cut early, or you are the runner-up, instead of feeling let down, feel excited.

Feel excited for the other people in the competition. Be excited that you had the courage to see the process through to the finish.

Know that even though you didn’t meet your goal, you’ve learned something that will make you better in your next bodybuilding competition.

Information is Your Ultimate Tool

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