Getting fit isn’t just a goal, it’s a lifestyle.

We all want to look our best and be the strongest we can be. That’s why alternative methods are so helpful to achieve that ripped look.

Anabolic steroids are a pretty huge topic to debate, but anyone in the fitness industry knows that they really work. But do you know how to inject steroids properly?

Buy Steroids Guide wants to make sure that everyone using steroids is doing is doing it safely– because building muscle shouldn’t come at a cost.

That’s why you should check with us first before you buy any steroids online. We’re committed to helping you get steroids safely. So take a look at our guides and list of scammers out there.

Because getting steroids is just the first step, we’ve put together this guide to help you know how to inject steroids safely.

What you’ll need to do before you start

Before you even get started with anabolic steroids, there are a few things you’ll need to do. These two steps will help keep you safe.

And you can feel better knowing that your body is ready to undergo and great transformation.

Check with your doctor

Many people skip this step and assume that they are physically healthy enough to just start taking steroids. But the safest way to begin using steroids is to go see your doctor first.

Be warned, your doctor will likely review the legality and side effects of steroids with you. After that, you can expect a checkup and some bloodwork to make sure you’re healthy enough to use steroids.

People using steroids should be going in for checkups and blood work 3-4 times a year!

Why? Because steroids can affect your heart, hormones, and other parts of your body. To keep using steroids safely, you will want to keep getting checked.

Make sure you don’t get scammed

Perhaps the most important part about steroid use is making sure that you’re actually getting what you’re paying for.

There are tons of websites that say they’re selling anabolic steroids when they’re actually just dangerous scammers.

It’s not that they’ll take your money and never ship anything out. Instead, you’ll get your package of “steroids” but they will be extremely weak, mixed with dangerous chemicals, or completely fake.

Because you’re injecting this into your body, make sure you know what you’re getting and do research to avoid scammers.

How to inject steroids properly

Now that we’ve reviewed all that, let’s get into the good stuff. Buy Steroids Guide wants to help you know how to inject steroids safely.

So make sure to check out these instructions to get the most benefits out of your steroids.

Get the right needle

You’ll want to know what type of needle you’re using and what will work best for you.

Getting the right type of needle is extremely important if you want to make sure injecting the steroid won’t hurt you or be a difficult process.

This means you should be getting a needle with the right width. You won’t want to order an extremely wide needle because that will end up hurting you more.

At the same time, you should not get the thinnest one because it won’t push the steroids into your body easily.

We recommend a 23g or 25g needle for steroids. Remember, the smaller the number, the bigger the width of the needle is. So a 23g is bigger than a 25g needle!

Make sure you have the right length

Similarly to getting the right width needle to inject your steroids with, you’ll want to make sure you get a needle that’s long enough.

Again, not long enough to hit bone but also not short enough to inject into fat.

A needle that’s about an inch long should work well for most people if they are injecting into a low-fat area.

If you prefer to inject into an area with more fat, go for a needle that’s an inch and a half long to make sure you’re hitting muscle.

Where to Inject Steroids


The glutes (the buttocks) is a typical site to inject steroids into as it is a massive deep muscle, with fewer nerves. When you inject into the glute, we should inject into the top exterior section of the muscle, as this has the least number of nerves and blood vessels.

Rotation of the glutes is useful if injecting twice a week, injecting one on Monday and the other on  Thursday, for example.

Draw with a Green 1. 5′ (21g)
Inject with a Blue 1. 25′ (23g).


Many people prefer thigh injections as it is easier than the glutes. Thigh injections considerably easy to accomplish. Spot front outside the area of the thigh between one hand’s width above the knee and one hand’s width below the hip joint. The injection should go into the thick area of the large muscle to be sure to stay away from any bone.

Draw with a Green 1. 5′ (21g)
Inject with a Blue 1. 25′ (23g).

Pull your steroids

This is a pretty obvious step in this how to inject steroids guide.

Once you have everything set up and ready, you will want to pull your steroids.

Be sure to know your dosage and dip the needle into the oil. You’ll then pull until the syringe is filled up with your dose.

Make sure that you then hold the needle upright (needle towards the ceiling) and tap the syringe while gently pushing the air out.

Sterilize your injection site

You will want to use alcohol to sterilize your injection site just to make sure nothing nasty gets in with your steroids.

This is a similar process to what we all go through at the doctor’s office when we get shots. You will wipe your skin off with a medical alcohol wipe.

Make sure that you’re using isopropyl alcohol or ethanol instead of other types of alcohol, like methanol!

Aspirate the needle

Before you fully inject the steroids, you will want to aspirate the needle. This means that you plunge the needle into your injection site first. You will then pull the syringe up and see if blood begins to fill your needle.

If it does, you’ve hit a vein and will want to pick another area.

Why? Because injecting into your bloodstream can cause what’s called tren cough. This is where you get a tightness in your chest and begin coughing violently as the steroids have entered your lungs.

Inject your steroid

Once you’re filled your needle, have sterilized the injection site, and aspirated the needle, you’re good to go.

You will then quickly push the syringe all the way down so that all of the oil has been pushed into your muscle.

Then quickly pull the needle out and you’re done! Many people like to massage the area for a few seconds, but this is all up to your preference.

We hope you found this guide helpful! Do you have any tips on injecting steroids safely? Share them in the comments below!