Gotta Love It

If bodybuilding is something you’re just getting into I want to give you a bit of advice. If you don’t love doing it, you’ll never be as successful as you could be. I truly believe that even if you have no aspirations of stepping onto the stage, you are still a bodybuilder if you train for that physique. Never allow anyone tell you you’re not a bodybuilder just because you choose not to compete.

Which leads me to the title of this post. If you don’t love going to the gym, love eating till you can’t eat anymore, love the pain, the intense training, the cutting calories, fish meals etc. you’ll never get the maximum out of your genetic abilities.

You cannot (for the most part) train for anyone aside from yourself and your goals. People will often try to bring you down, tell you you’re “too big” you eat too much or you look hideous. Never allow the negativity of others deters you from your goals. This is why it’s so important to lose this sport. If you don’t love it, all the negative comments will get into your head and you’ll begin to believe them.

When you walk into your gym you need to own the moment! Look around you and make sure NO ONE is outworking you! That does NOT mean you need to grunt and scream, it means training with intensity and purpose! I often find the biggest guy in the gym and make sure I out train his ass and use his physique as motivation.

You have to love it so much that your cell phone never leaves your pocket. I often have no idea what song is even playing as I’m so focused on what I’m doing I don’t even hear the music playing in my ears. You have to love it enough that it extends beyond the gym. Anyone can get psyched up for the couples hours at the gym 5 days a week, that’s easy. The question is can you get psyched up to eat that 7th meal? Psyched up enough to refrain from unhealthy foods, 4 am breakfast, 8 cups of rice daily? Do you have what it takes to cut calories, drink enough water, cut carbs? Train while only consuming 75g carbs while on a cut? The dedication and love it takes is often more than most people are willing to give. However, if you’re willing to do whatever it takes, to endure the diets and the training, and you can find satisfaction in doing what most cannot…. you’ll be rewarded with a body people will be in awe of.  A physique people will respect from your love, hard work, and dedication. Gotta love it, all of it!


Aaron Kushner
40 years old Certified NASM trainer. Married to my best friend Training for 7 years 6'1, 207 lbs

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