10 Tips For Taking Injectable Steroids

Using steroids properly can be the difference between getting the results of your dreams and sustaining serious injury.

Whether someone’s injecting insulin or nutritional supplements, there’s always a risk when needles are involved. So finding out how to properly store, prepare and administer are key to your success.

Let’s put those free weights aside for a moment — and step away from the mirror –as we talk about what you need to know to be safe and get maximum results from injectable steroids.

Know Your Needles: Size (Girth) Matters

If you’re like most of us, you’re not just taking one injectable steroid or supplement. You may take one for a while and then switch. Or you might alternate to avoid the body developing a resistance. You may be taking multiples to get different results.

Because of this, you need to have a selection of needle sizes available. Different gauges work for different types of injectables.

Some injectable steroids are water based and some are oil based. Oil-based injectables need a larger needle because the particles are bigger. They can’t pass through a small gauge needle.

The higher the gauge number, the smaller needle. Always use the smallest needle possible for the least pain and irritation at the injection site. A 23g or 25g needle for steroids is recommended.

Know Your Needles: Length Matters Too

The length of the needle is determined by how deep you need to go. For larger muscle groups, you need a longer needle. If you have a layer of fat over the area, you may need an even longer needle.

The goal is to have the needle stop in the middle of the muscle tissue. If it’s too short, you didn’t get past your subcutaneous (bottom layer of skin) or fat deposits. That’s a total waste. If it’s too long, you might hit bone.

Many athletes find that they need to use a shorter needle during training season and longer during offseason when they may develop a thin layer of fat over the injection site. A 1.5 inch (40mm) long needle is recommended.

Know Your Needles: Where’s That Needle Been

After you’ve been injecting for a while, it’s natural to begin feeling invincible. But remember, it wasn’t a huge warrior that took down the giant in the story of Goliath. It was a pebble. The undefeated Trojan warrior Achilles was finally taken down by a an arrow to the heel, not the heart.

Don’t reuse needles to save money. It’s not worth it. Find a reliable supplier of fresh needles. Pharmacies can refuse to sell needles to people if they suspect a substance abuse — including injectable steroids — so don’t go in there trying to show off or giving the appearance that you have a problem.

One final point on this section, find a reputable sharps disposal service to dispose of your needles. Needles should never be thrown in the trash even if they’re capped.

Properly Stack Your Multi-Pac

You may be taking multiple injectable steroids a day for different effects. Yes, it’s typically fine to combine them.  But you’ll need larger syringes though. These can be purchased through veterinary supply companies. But be aware of the laws in your state.

Before You Inject, Disinfect

Disinfection applies to everything involved. Wash your hands with soap and water. Disinfect the injection site. Swab the top of your vial with rubbing alcohol.

Most humans — even very healthy ones — have staph and strep bacteria constantly on their skin. Injecting without disinfecting sends that bacteria straight into the muscle where it can enter the bloodstream. This can cause serious and often disfiguring infections.

Watch a Medical Drama

Okay, we won’t take it that far. But learning how to properly tip your vial to fill a syringe is important.

  1. Push the plunger all the way down (if it’s a multi, don’t squirt it out)
  2. Turn the vial upside down at an angle
  3. Insert syringe so that the tip is inside the liquid
  4. While holding the vial and the base of the syringe firmly with one hand, pull the plunger carefully until you’re reached the correct number of ml. As long as you’re using a clean needle, and only one injectable steroid, it’s okay to overfill and then squirt the excess slowly back into the vial.
  5. Remove the vial and set it aside.
  6. Hold the syringe with the needle up at a slight angle to allow any air bubbles to work their way to the top. Then press the plunger very gently to push the air out. If the air bubbles seem stuck, tap the side with a flick of your middle finger to loosen them.

Recognize If You’re a Rookie

Everyone goes through a learning phase. If you’re new to injectable steroids, embrace it. Don’t try to inject like a pro until you’ve learned to be a rookie first. There’s no shame. You’ll get results faster and safer if you learn how to crawl before you try to walk.

The best place to learn is on the glute (your butt cheek). The muscle there is large and hard to miss. Plus, it’s less painful, so you can begin getting used to the feeling of poking yourself with a needle.

You’ll be injecting the outer and upper part of the glute.

Get a Map

An intramuscular injection site map will help you hit the right muscle in the right spot and avoid hitting a vein.

Find a good map and then practice locating the different muscles.

Inspect Before You Inject

Aspirating the needle is always a good idea. This involves inserting the needle into the muscle, then pulling back on the plunger slightly. If significant blood comes up into the syringe, you’re on a vein, not the muscle. It probably wouldn’t kill you, but it would waste the injectable steroids.

Take It Slow

Injecting fast creates a pocket of fluid in the muscle. This is very painful. Inject very slowly to avoid this.

Everything You Need To Know About Injectable Steroids

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10 Tips For Taking Injectable Steroids
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10 Tips For Taking Injectable Steroids
Injecting yourself with a needle can be pretty scary. For that reason, preparation is key. Keep reading for 10 tips for taking injectable steroids.
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